Project Code name: GhostPeers24_x/2022/04 • Short name (alpha): GhostPeers24

Project Description: This project aims to eradicate (social and racial) injustice in workplaces (reporting)

Project Start: 2022 (April)

Project Launch: South Africa, 2025 / Global, 2027 (Rollout in phases)

Target Platform: Web & Mobile Application (iOS & Android)


Proposed Initiator (Inquiry): Job seeker / Peer / Individual (Privacy*)

Proposed Recepient (Inquiry): National Human Rights Commission (South Africa), Department of Labour (South Africa)

Proposed Recepient (Inquiry) / Omission: South African Police Service (SAPS), National Prosecuting Authority (NPA)

Offence (Record): Hate Speech, Gender-based Violence (GBV), Unfair Dismissal, Extortion, Cheap Labor, Exploitation, Trafficking

Offence (Threshold): 5*

Submission: Affidavit, Recording, Supportive Documentation, Employer*, Labor Broker*

Implications: Labor Broker*, and(or) Employer*

Trigger: Threshold

Result (Outcome): Prosecution / Warning / Fine / Listing

Detail / Key:

Threshold - Maximum number of offences that triggers an inquiry submission (configurable)

Labor Broker - Institution that processed and(or) placed the initiator

Employer - Institution that held and(or) employed the initiator

Privacy - The initiator is protected in cases of mild offences but option is provided to furnish their identities for serious act of offences or violations towards them.


Stakeholders: Peers24

Purpose: To submit an inquiry into investigation of an employer and(or) labor broker.

Letter of Intent (Submission): 16 November 2020 / National Human Rights Commission (South Africa), Department of Labour (South Africa)